An experienced and trusted office providing effective mental health care and treatment in two desirable office locations in Albany, NY.

James Nalbone, MD is a Board Certified Psychiatrist leading a multi-disciplinary psychiatric practice providing comprehensive mental health care and treatment for adults and adolescents.

What We Can Help With

  1. Depression, Bipolar Disorder and other mood problems

  2. Anxiety problems (Panic Attacks, Social Anxiety, OCD and others)

  3. Alcohol / other substance misuse

  4. Excessive anger or irritability

  5. Sleeping difficulties

  6. Relationship problems

  7. Concerns about your child’s emotional health / development

  8. Inattention / Hyperactivity / ADHD

  9. Problems with memory or concentration

  10. Low mood / loss of joy or pleasure in previously enjoyed activities

  11. Unexplained low energy

  12. Suicidal thoughts or thoughts of death or dying

How We Can Help

Our practice has been here for 10 years now.  Should you believe you are in need of psychiatric consultation and / or treatment, we may be able to help.  We will be glad to assist you by offering:

  1. Comprehensive psychiatric assessment and consultation

  2. Individual psychotherapy for adults and adolescents, with and without

         medication treatment

  1. Family and couples psychotherapy

  2. Pharmacotherapy (primarily medication treatment or medication


  1. Latency Age (6-12) Group begun Fall 2010, additional groups coming

We understand how important it is to be seen urgently should your situation require this.  We will make every effort to assist you in scheduling an appointment at your earliest convenience.  We have multiple clinicians available to help with many different treatment needs, including evening appointments.

We are participating providers with CDPHP.

To speak with our staff, please see our Contact Information.

  *Click here for a more detailed explanation of treatment and treatment options.

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